Exciting new sightings/weather reports

Exciting new sightings/weather reports

Welcome to the second of our brand new sightings/weather video reports. We thought these might be a really nice way to present a selection of sightings to you, and build up an idea of what the weather was doing during specific sightings and times of year. This is actually really interesting stuff, so do stay tuned!

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Comments (3)

  1. 1: I am disappointed to notice that you do not appear to show Shetland on your map. Do you include Shetland in your scope, please?

    2: Do you have facility for signing up to receive newsletters, particularly of activities & sightings around Shetland, & a means of membership for subscribing & joining to receive periodic postal information? Many thanks, Neil

    Neil Forsyth
    Aug 6, 2019 Reply
    • Hi Neil,

      We do normally show Shetland on our sightings map.

      To receive our monthly newsletters you must sign up to our membership club – Adopt a Dolphin. Is this something that might interest you?

      Aug 6, 2019 Reply
      • In fact Neil, we have now changed our map to show a larger area, including Shetland.

        Aug 6, 2019 Reply

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