What our Adoptees think

“A Wildlife Winner! This is an intelligent pack! Your fee goes straight to¬†active research that plays a vital role in protecting the Cardigan Bay dolphins”

BBC Wildlife

“I have adopted a dolphin for three years now and I have loved it. In 2013, I got the chance to visit New Quay hoping that I might see the dolphins and was amazed to spot some almost straight away! I got to meet and talk to Abbie, one of the Sea Watch volunteers about the dolphins, and then went on a boat trip where I saw three more only about 6 metres away!I really recommend a visit to Sea Watch, I had a fantastic time meeting the whole team!”

Grace Rowley, 10

“I went to Wales for a special reason..it was my 9th birthday and I wanted to see my adopted dolphin Smoothy. We went on a boat trip and saw up to 6 dolphins which made me really excited, and happy! I was shown around the Sea Watch office, and was told all about Photo ID.
Our visit ended with another boat trip, where we saw a mother and calf and I’m sure it was Smoothy and her calf Dipper!!!”

Molly Farinella, 9


“I adopted Smoothy for my daughter and she just loves the pack, especially the toy and the poster. The information in the monthly newsletters is really insightful. It’s really great to read about our dolphins, here in the UK! I love supporting them and know that my donation is going towards keeping them safe. We are looking forward to using our Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips vouchers soon!!”

Jo Miller

“We saw the dolphins from the boat in New Quay, they were right by the boat – 2 adult females and one had a calf! They followed our boat for quite a while so we got a good look at them and I’ve never seen wild dolphins before. We were invited back to the Sea Watch office afterwards and were taught all about Photo ID. I was even showed a new piece of equipment – a camera with a telescope on the end, and I got to have a go and take a photo!”

Emily Kelly, 9

“For my 7th birthday I adopted a dolphin, and on my 8th birthday mum and dad took me to New Quay to see if we could see any of the dolphins, and were very lucky.In the distance we saw gannets diving, which was great because I’ve seen that in the programme ‘Deadly 60’, which I love! The dolphins came closer, until a speed boat whizzed past!In the evening we ate our fish and chips and watched the dolphins swimming in the harbour. It was an amazing day!”

Henry Saltenstall, 8

“I have been a Dolphin Defender for 2 years now, and my dream was to go to New Quay to see my Smoothy.On my 10th birthday we went! About 40 minutes out of New Quay harbour we saw them. There were 6 dolphins together. It was amazing! It was the first time in my life that I had seen wild dolphins. We saw them, they saw us. I loved it! I would love to be part of Sea Watch when I get bigger!”

Rebecca Stone, 10

“I have just adopted Berry, my own dolphin. This is something I was very happy to do, as I’ve always loved dolphins for the beautiful and intelligent creatures they are. I am very impressed with the newsletters I receive as part of my membership. They are full of interesting articles, of which my grandchildren have taken an interest in too. I look forward to using my boat vouchers to meet the new member of our family!”

Geoff Giles

“As we sat on the pier eating our lunch I saw a dolphin’s fin jump out of the water! It was a mother with her calf, and the Sea Watch lady told me she thought it was Smoothy with her baby, which is really lucky because that’s the dolphin I adopt!”

Clare Mordue, 11

My class were entranced immediately, and were impressed that all the money donated went towards protection & research. They loved the idea of adopting a dolphin that they could choose and follow and even visit when on holiday.

Each new class takes over the adoption and follows your newsletters and our cuddly dolphin (Daisy) is much loved and much hugged! The pupils love the pack, it’s child friendly but has challenging scientific vocabulary, concepts and relevant issues which make the pupils think and ask questions.

Alison Hall, Teacher, Williamstown Primary

“Our girls discovered they could ‘Adopt a Dolphin’ when they were aged 5 and 7. It has been a lovely experience and their interest in dolphins and their wellfare is now immense, and this has lead onto a general awareness of animal conservation as a whole. They have done school projects on dolphins, they spread the word about how important it is to keep beaches clean, they have spotted dolphins in UK waters and have learnt so much through the scheme.”¬†

Kathryn Wesson, Graphic Designer, LOVEIgloo


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