Isn’t it great to have a good friend! Do you have a bestie, or perhaps a group of besties?

Those of you who are Dolphin Defenders will know we talk often in our newsletter about female dolphins and their strong bonds between cousins, and other relatives and pals and we also talk a lot about mums and calves, but not so much about males.

Male dolphins behave very differently to females, sometimes disappearing from their pod and living relatively solo lives, sometimes far offshore. However, dolphin males can sometimes form life-long friendships with one another. This type of relationship is known in the field as “male pair bonds.” These bonds are typically formed between two males (sometimes three) of similar age. The males in the pair bond will engage in various cooperative activities, like hunting and courting females, and will often spend significant time together.

Luckily, we have some good male friends in Cardigan Bay, for example Frodo and Dumbledore are rarely seen apart!

Frodo & Dumbledore


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