Welcome to our new Sightings Officer

Welcome to our new Sightings Officer

We’d like to introduce our new Sightings Officer based at Sea Watch Foundation, New Quay, Wales. Chiara takes over from Kathy James, who has now moved on and works for West Wales Rivers Trust. We wish her lots of luck in her new role, and welcome Chiara to SWF!  I’ll hand over to her now…


Hi Everyone!!
I am a marine biologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Iceland. Born in Italy, I spent more than ten years focusing on evaluating conservation, demography, social structure and health status of coastal cetacean species.  I conducted scientific research in both the Northern (Spain, Norway, Iceland) and Southern Hemispheres (Australia, New Zealand). However, it is in Iceland that for eight years I established a long-term citizen science project focusing on studying population biology and conservation of common minke whales and white-beaked dolphins, collecting data from on-board whale-watching boats, working side-by-side with academic, commercial and environmental organizations. Prior to working at Sea Watch, I worked as a naturalist on-board whale and bird watching tours in Norway, Iceland and Wales.
I am very much looking forward to my new job with SWF, and can’t wait for the season to begin!!
Love Chiara

Dr. Chiara Giulia Bertulli (Marine Biologist/Cetologist)



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