Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin

Bottlenose dolphin (Latin name: Tursiops truncatus)

Distribution map

The blue area shows where bottlenose dolphins can be found.


Species Identification


Length: 0.98-1.30m/3.24.3ft (newborn); 2.2-4.0m/7.3-13.2ft (adult)

Head and Beak: The bottlenose dolphin has a robust head with distinct short beak, often white-tipped on lower jaw.

Fin and Markings: Centrally placed fairly tall, slender dorsal in, usually sickle-shaped. Bottlenose dolphins have brown or dark grey back, lighter grey lower flanks grading to white on belly.

ID: Bottlenose dolphin are less agile than common or striped dolphins, but often breach and bow-ride. Absence of flank markings.

Status and Distribution: The bottlenose dolphin is common along Atlantic Irish seaboard, Cardigan Bay (West Wales), Moray Firth (NE Scotland) and in the western Channel (Normandy and Brittany coasts), Atlantic coast of Portugal, and in the eastern Mediterranean


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