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adopt a UK dolphin!

Voted best animal adoption scheme by BBC Wildlife - Dec 2008

Help conservation research of these dolphins for only 3.50 per month.

'Adopt a UK dolphin' is a scheme run by the Sea Watch Foundation.

We have been voted best animal adoption scheme by the BBC Wildlife.
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A dolphin adoption as a Christmas surprise!

We ensure that all adoptions ordered as surprise gifts stay that way. Just follow the instructions on the online order form (insert your email as the purchaser, and the recipients email as the lucky receiver, and this ensures that you will receive the 'Confirmation of Order' and 'Verification' email, not the person the gift is intended for. The only thing you need to worry about is taking receipt of the parcel when it arrives because it's larger than most letter boxes! Good luck!

Please adopt me and help me stay safe and happy

Keep our dolphins safe

The lives of dolphins around the world are under threat. Many dolphins suffer horrifically through injury, disease and entanglement in nets. Many are dying and some species even face extinction.

Sea Watch is a marine conservation research charity working hard to make sure our UK dolphins are protected, but we need your help.

Keep our dolphins safe by adopting a dolphin for yourself, or as a present for someone you care about.

Dolphins' lives are in danger every day

There are so many life threatening situations which dolphins face. Some are deliberate, such as dolphin hunting, but others happen without us even knowing about it. For example, did you know...

Cardigan Bay dolphin damaged by vesselDolphins are sometimes hit by boats and their propellers. This bottlenose dolphin was injured by a boat in Cardigan Bay, Wales.

Dolphin caught in netNets meant for catching fish, can also trap dolphins who can't breath under water like fish can. Dolphins need to swim to the surface to get air. So if they get caught in a net and can't get free in time, they drown.

Picture of speedboatNoise from boats, even jet skis can harm dolphins. Dolphins find their way around through the water by making a sound and waiting for it to bounce back, a bit like an echo. So boat noise in the water can be confusing and disorientating and dolphins can get lost and separated from their group.

Picture of plastic bottels and other harmful rubbish Chemicals, plastic bottles and other harmful rubbish are finding their way into our waters and then into our animals. This can make them sick and even die, particularly new born dolphins.

Rani Price"Adopting one of these dolphins will help protect all UK dolphins, as well as helping raise awareness of the dangers they face. So spread the word, adopt a dolphin and stop these beautiful animals from suffering anymore."

Rani Price, CBBC Presenter for Roar and Best of Friends

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